July 19th HBR Raceway for Monsters of Midwest

Monsters of Midwest Tour and Unilli Lightning Series heads to HBR Raceway on July 19th.
The event that was originally scheduled for Paducah International Raceway has been moved to the HBR Raceway, in Vienna, Illinois on July 19th. This change is not the only change in the program. Unilli officials and Midwest Motorsports officials have evaluated participation numbers and came to an agreement that a 20 kart min will be placed on all 3 Unilli Pro Classes. The Pro Clone 365, 380, and 400 purses will all remain same. The entry fees will not increase. The only change is a 20 kart min will be imposed or 100% payback.However an additional class has been added. Unilli Clone 380 will pay $1000.00 to win GUARANTEED. It was a tough decision but officials came to the conclusion to maintain the Series a change was needed. Pro Jr Green and Blue plate will remain a $500.00 purse with a 10 kart min.
We will have our local option classes that will be $10 entry fee, 75% payback and special one of a kind Monsters of the Midwest Tour trophy. All local option classes will be open tire rule, (marked right sides). The UAS Opens  and Wing Sprint Karts will be a $500.00 purse based on a 15 kart min. We apologize for the circumstances but both Unilli and Midwest Motorsports are committed to the long term goal. Also making their return the Tour will be the Quarter Midgets. Jr/Sr Novice, Jr/Sr Honda, and LTE160 join the schedule and hope everyone comes and joins us on July 19th at HBR Raceway. Please stay tuned to our website www.racemktg.com or follow us on Facebook at Midwest Motorsports Marketing and Promotions. If there are any additional questions please contact Bruce Dulgar direct at (217) 619-4624.